Forbes: Nashville #8 City to Invest in for 2017

Keller Williams Murfreesboro

If you’re on the fence about moving into the Nashville area, wonder no more. Forbes teamed up with the research firm Local Market Monitor to analyze more than 300 housing markets and drilled down to the top 20 best housing markets to invest in 2017.

The top 20 list was compiled by identifying markets that score well across five measures: annual job growth, three-year population growth (2012 to 2015), annual home price growth, affordability and Local Market Monitor’s own three-year home price forecast.

Nashville ranked #8 city to invest in a home for 2017

Nashville enjoys 9% annual home price growth and 2.7% annual job growth. With 6% three-year population growth it was among the fastest growing cities on the list. As demand grows, homes here are under priced by 7%.