4 Halloween Safety Tips

As parents, we all want our children to have fun this Halloween, but we want them to have a SAFE Halloween. Here are some great tips to make sure that your children do just that!

1.) Walk safely! Make sure to teach children to obey all traffic signals and crosswalks. Try to always use a sidewalk or a path if you can. In neighborhoods that don’t have sidewalks, walk facing traffic as far to the left as possible. Before crossing any street, make sure that they know to look both ways before crossing the street to the next house.

2.) Stick together! Children 12 and under should always be accompanied by an adult. Children, who are mature enough to Trick-or Treat with out supervision, should stick to familiar areas and go in groups with others.

3.) Make safe costumes! Decorate bags and costumes with reflective tape or stickers. Use face paint and makeup instead of using a mask. Masks can make it hard children to see out of.  Give them glow-sticks or flashlights to use while Trick-or-Treating, so they can see and the drivers can see them. When picking out a costume or making a costume, make sure it fits them to prevent trips and falls from tripping over their costume.

4.) Drive Safe! If you are out driving during Halloween hours, which are usually between the hours of 5:30-9:30, be alert! Children can easily get distracted from being so excited over Halloween and they can move in unpredictable ways. Always double check both ways when exiting all drive ways or alley ways. Drive slow and make sure headlights are on.

Have fun Trick- or- Treating this year and make sure to include these safety tips for a great Halloween!